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Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment Service £400

Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment Service £400

Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment Service £400 Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment Service £400

The Assessment Process

What does an assessment for Dyslexia look at?

Typically an assessment will look at the following areas:

Underlying ability

Verbal and Non-Verbal underlying Ability

Academic attainment

·  Single word reading

·  Timed reading 

·  Reading comprehension 

·  Spelling

·  Handwriting speed & Written Expression

·  Maths (is useful as a comparison between literacy and numeracy skills)

Information Processing

·  Phonological processing

·  Working memory

·  Processing speed

The results are presented in a detailed report that examines the results and provides confirmation of dyslexia if present.  

Reports are suitable for 11+ Access Arrangements, DSA (university); Access arrangements for GCSE’s/A-Levels and other exams as well as for those needing evidence of and strategies for Dyslexia. Also suitable for all adults.

How Long?  The assessment takes between 1.5 - 2.5 hours. 

What information is needed? 

A questionnaire is sent to complete prior to the assessment process to gain as much background information as possible.  

What happens next?  Following the assessment a detailed report will be issued within 5 working days.  

Free pre and post assessment consultations are offered. 

What information does the report provide?

The report provides detailed information about the individual’s performance in areas assessed as mentioned above.  Standardised scores and percentiles are given allowing for:

a)  Norm Referencing (understanding performance in relation to others of the same age).

b)  Individual strengths and areas for development

c)  Ability (own potential) and attainment comparison.

Detailed recommendations for support including strategies and resources for use at home and within the classroom/university/work environment  are given in the report.

How much does it cost?  The cost is £400. (Valid until December 2020).